Apple Brides - 10 Reasons
Beacon Hill has become a Spokane wedding institution. It’s one of the top 5, the elite 8, the fab 4 of Spokane wedding venues, one of the places that Spokane brides can be proud of. It’s undeniably a cut above. 1. The versatility. Firstly, I couldn’t get over the versatility of the grounds. They have several lawns and gardens which can be used for your ceremony, all with very high capacities (up to 400 in most cases). Each lawn boasts a different, but equally as fabulous view. Receptions typically take place right in front of the building with drop dead gorgeous Spokane city views, which get increasingly beautiful as the night settles in. 2. Rain is no threat! The second thing I REALLY liked about Beacon Hill is that there’s a built in plan b in case it rains. The interior set up for weddings has the same beautiful views and high quality finishings, which are only going to get better because the venue is currently undergoing a little facelift. Word on the street is that it’s going to be Spectacular (yes, with a capital ‘S’). 3. The amazing food. I’d heard that Beacon Hill was one of the main players on the catering scene, but after meeting with owner Ellie who studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris (!!!)! I realize just how important it actually is. The Beacon Hill team work really hard to make the food something their couples can be proud of, something they always accomplish. 4. It’s open all year! I was under the impression that Beacon was mainly a summer venue, how wrong I was! They have both indoor ceremony and reception options to rival even the most elegant Spokane event spaces. In fact, Lindsay and Ellie agree that one of the most beautiful times to get married there is actually the fall when the foliage starts to change color! 5. Everything is included. Chairs, tables, linens, setup, dishes and take down, it’s all part of your Beacon Hill wedding package. They even give each couple their own event manager to help them coordinate all the details of their day. Read more