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Ellie Rayner Aaro

Ellie first developed her passion for the event industry with the design and production of her sisters wedding at Beacon Hill in 1997. After graduating from the University of Washington in 2001, she excitedly returned to Beacon Hill as Event Director. In the first year of her return, she managed over 100 special events with her philosophy that each occasion is a unique personal statement.

Through these events she realized what an important role catering plays in its success. In 2003, Ellie and father Pete became business partners and decided to add food to Beacon Hill’s repertoire of services by creating a full-service catering company: Grace Catering. Thus began Ellie’s journey to become Executive Chef; starting with her tutelage under a 40-year catering veteran she learned the tricks of the trade, and from experience she developed her own culinary voice. In 2004, she traveled to Paris to train at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu culinary school.

Through travel, research, education and experience, she continually looks for original ideas to provide inspiration for creative and distinctive events.

You can contact Ellie with any inquiries via e-mail or you are always welcome to call her directly.